We Manufacture Our Products to the Highest Quality Standard

We want to earn your business! Our core values and beliefs are what set us apart from the others. Price, Quality, and Service - while hard to deliver all 3 of these - we try harder then anyone else in the industry!


Our team works across all engineering and manufacturing processes, from concept development through product life-cycle support.


Southern Cable and Electronics Inc. has been a custom cable and wire harness manufacturer for years.


Our quality products are built with compliant materials, stringent protocols, and are 100% inspected and tested.

Whenever standards are not enough!

At Southern Cable and Electronics Inc., we want to thank you for checking us out. We believe that in this changing world of technology, our company has what you need to help supply your company.

We are built on the same traditions that have built the best businesses in our industry. We believe in treating our employees, customers, vendors, and family members with respect. We believe that with as much time as we spend in the work place that it should be a fun place to work. Also, a handshake does mean something, here at Southern Cables and Electronics, Inc.

A new way of thinking for electronics and connectivity supply

If you give us the opportunity to earn your business, we will do our best to meet the delivery dates, and follow up with you after the order. We will do our best to make you a long term customer and become your go-to-vendor for cable assemblies, network related products, and other cable related items.

Have any questions? We would love to hear from you, and if you are ever in the area, feel free to visit.

We understand the markets you serve

Our proactive approach anticipates your manufacturing, supply chain management, and legacy system needs.
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    Expertise &

    Our product knowledge and customer service are unparalleled.

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    Design &

    Providing custom wire and cable solutions is what we do best.

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    Projects &

    We possess our own equipment and facilities to serve your needs.

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    Quality &

    Our products are manufactured to the industry’s highest standards.



Southern Cables and Electronics has the capabilities to support your organization in many different capacities. Whether you need value-added services like custom cable assemblies or bulk parts, we promise to do everything we can to make your life easier.

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