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Custom and Standard cables, Networking products and
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Cable Assemblies
Wire & Cable
Data Center Products
Server Management and Power Management devices and cabinets and cable management and specialty cables.
Southern Cables & Electronics has the ability to manufacture cable assys to your specifications. Give us a try!
Coaxial, Data Communications, Hookup, Mil-spec, Fiber, Telephone and Security,Alarm Bulk wire- Come inside and take a look!
**Value Added Services**
Your time is valueable, rely on us to be the silent partner to your organization
Southern Cables and Electronics has the capabilities to support your organization in many different capacities. Whether value added services like custom cable assemblies or bulk parts. We promise to do everything we can to make your life easier.
Send us your inquiry via email or give us a call 404-915-5748.
Networking Products
Cable Ties and Supplies
Box Builds and Kitting
Faceplates, Racks, Patch Panels, Jacks,
Network cables, connectors just to name a few.
Slit loom, handtools, cable ties, wire marking products, shrink tubing, and more
You can off load your manufacturing nightmares to us. We have the ability to bring your idea from  prototype to full production runs.
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Custom Cables and Kitting
Southern Cables and Electronics Inc has more tooling and more than 50 years of experience in working with custom cables. We can solder or hand crimp and also with the automated tools we posesses, we can turn out cables quickly and precise to your specifications.
So whether your in prototype stages or full production runs we can assist you in bringing a quality product to market or just keep your present source honest.
Please feel free to try us on total box builds or your custom cables. Email us your requirements or feel free to call us today!